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What is Piezowave?

Extracorporeal shockwaves have been used successfully to treat chronic pain syndromes since the beginning of the 1990s. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) and trigger point shockwave therapy (TPST) are highly effective, non-surgical procedures to treat chronic pain in the skeletal muscles. The PiezoWave has significantly expanded the range of applications available to treat myofascial pain syndromes. The extracorporeal focused shockwave permits precise diagnosis and treatment of active and latent trigger points. Trigger points are small, thickened, pain-sensitive areas in a tense muscle which can cause significant pain, even at some distance from the trigger point.


  • Effective treatment of chronic pain with the Richard Wolf piezo shockwave system

  • Innovative piezo technology to generate shockwaves

  • Focused, clearly defined, precise and variable penetration depths

  • Scientifically proven efficacy

  • Compact and easy to use

  • Quiet

  • Low maintenance and durable

Piezo Therapy Source

The compact piezo shockwave source with its special features are the central element of the PiezoWave. The unit is easy to operate. All the important parameters can be set and monitored. The penetration depth of the therapy source can be subtly adjusted, using gel pads of varying thicknesses. The energy coupling over large surface areas and the wide aperture angle are additional benefits as they reduce the energy density at the skin surface, decreasing the pain sensation. The 20 intensity levels ensure that the energy output can be carefully adjusted to allow treatment to be carried out without sedation.

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