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Physical Therapists

Dr. Ibrahim Abdelfatah

Dr. Ibrahim Abdelfatah is a doctor of Physical Therapy and certified electromographer. He graduated with his doctorate in physical therapy from Utica College, with over 26 years of experience. Dr. Abdelfatah was a senior physical therapist at Staten Island University Hospital for over 8 years.

Dr. Magdy M. Elmadboly

Dr. Magdy Elmadboly attended Cairo University for Physical Therapy in Egypt. He completed an intense program of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for 4 years, and graduated in 1979 with Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy.


Since graduation he has completed post graduate program for Acupuncture in Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York. He graduated with Master’s degree in acupuncture in 2001.


Elmadboly continued work and study to expand his knowledge & experience, through working with diverse population and locations. He has been certified to be Auriculotherapy practitioner, Dry needle technique of myofacial pain, and recently the Graston technique.


In his practice he evaluates and treat patient with different symptoms, combining the knowledge of eastern and western medicine.


Dr. Samar M. Soliman

Dr. Samar Soliman attended Cairo University for Physical Therapy and completed a 4 year program of intense physical therapy and rehabilitation. She received awards for student excellence upon her graduation. She graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy.


Since graduation she has completed a 2 year post-graduate program and received a Doctorate in physical therapy, from Stony Brook University School of Health and Sciences in 2009.


Dr. Soliman has been treating a large variety of patients in different settings and conditions. Recently, Dr. Soliman received certification in the Graston Technique. She also completed training courses in Nutrition and Fitness for Cardiac patients, Biomechanics, traumatic injuries and rehabilitation of the knee, and effective treatment for Shoulder Pain.

Dr. Matthew Holtzer


Director of A to Z Physical Therapy

Skill, patience, excellence, and precision are what separates Dr. Holtzer from other therapists. Upon completing his undergraduate studies at the College of Staten Island, Dr. Holtzer then went on to Touro College of Health Sciences to receive both his B.S. in Health Sciences and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. With a passion in sports and wellness, Dr. Holtzer is a dedicated therapist that promotes a higher quality of life. Place yourself in the best hands in the tri-state area and get the treatment you need today.

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Dr. Charmaine Morcilla


Dr. Morcilla completed a Post-Professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2011. Prior to this, she obtained her Bachelors in Physical Therapy in the University of the City of Manila in 2004. With over 18 years of Physical Therapy experience, she’s worked closely with acute post-operative hip, spine and knee surgeries, neurologic and brain injuries, recovering athletes, musculoskeletal and pain syndromes and pediatric and geriatric conditions. A big advocate of hands-on manual therapy, Dr. Morcilla incorporates her training in kinesiotaping, functional manual therapy, myofascial cupping and Graston technique when working with patients to promote soft tissue mobility alongside physical activity. Dr. Morcilla is presently working towards her Certification in Pelvic Rehab expanding her knowledge in pelvic health and postnatal and prenatal rehabilitation. Dr. Morcilla believes that as the medical practices and beliefs continue to evolve, one’s potential should be evolving with it as well. 

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