Posture: Sitting The Right Way Is Good For Your Health

Being aware of how you stand, move, recline or sit could help you avoid injury.

Sitting incorrectly, for example, may ultimately cause pain, warns Mandarino Chiropractic.

When seated, Dr. Frank J, Mandarino, DC, president of Mandarino Chiropractic, suggests minimizing strain on your neck and back by following these healthful tips from the American Chiropractic Association:

  • Keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest, if they don’t reach the floor.
  • Don’t cross your legs. Your ankles should be in front of your knees.
  • Keep a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of your seat.
  • Your knees should be at or below the level of your hips.
  • Adjust the backrest of your chair to support your low- and mid-back or use a back support.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground.
  • Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods of time
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