Dr. Frank J. Mandarino’s Chiropractic Practice Raises The Bar With A Newly Relocated Facility, State-Of-The-Art Therapies

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — We are living in a wondrous age filled with invention: Solar energy, Apple iPads, the Internet – and Dr. Frank J. Mandarino.

An award-wining chiropractor, Dr. Mandarino is noted for incorporating state-of-the-art therapies into the vibrant practice he launched nearly two decades ago. Dr. Mandarino’s widespread reputation for healing patients and ridding them of acute or chronic pain has resulted in four successful offices, including locations in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, and his newly relocated ultra-modern Staten Island facility at 2052 Richmond Rd., Grant City.

Dr. Mandarino’s longtime embrace of highly advanced therapies grew from concern over his patients, many of whom are athletes.

“I felt more needed to be done to resolve their pain issues,” he said.

Dissatisfied with the results of traditional treatment for some patients, Dr. Mandarino broadened the range of his therapies by earning certifications in the Graston and Active Release Techniques – which address soft-tissue and movement problems associated with back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions – and Kinesio and Spider Tech therapeutic taping, which help to reduce strain on affected muscles and improve circulation.

“Adjusting the spine is just one component of a remedy; if you don’t treat the soft tissue and connective tissue, you’re not going to get the patient better,” said Dr. Mandarino, who teaches the Graston Technique to health-care professionals  throughout the Northeast.

Dr. Mandarino’s successful health-care approach has earned him the prestigious U.S. Commerce Association’s Best of Staten Island Award, in the Chiropractors category, for the second consecutive year. According to the organization, only one in 70, or 1.4 percent, of its award recipients in 2009 qualified as a two-time winner.

Dr. Mandarino’s revolutionary treatments are a dream-come-true for some pain-weary patients whose previous visits to physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, and even other chiropractors, had failed to provide relief.

“My greatest reward is sharing in the happiness of a patient who, before being treated in my office, feared having to cope with pain for a lifetime,” Dr. Mandarino said.

Although Dr. Mandarino treats numerous athletes, you don’t need to be a golfer, football player or track star to benefit from his high level of care.

“I treat standard problems, such as neck and back pain, with the same state-of-the art procedures, and obtain great results,” he said.

The 3,500-square-foot office looks and feels more like a luxury spa than a medical facility. Everything about the location makes visitors feel relaxed, welcome and pampered, from ample onsite parking to a posh reception area, variety of treatment rooms – including one dedicated to massage therapy – and a modern gym. And, of course, there is Dr. Mandarino’s friendly and accommodating support staff.If the anticipation of feeling better isn’t enough to inspire a visit to Dr. Mandarino’s Grant City practice, the environment itself may contribute, at least in small part, to your recovery.

The beautifully renovated multi-tenant office building is a Staten Island treasure, with a history that dates back to 1920s, when the borough was a summertime vacation destination.

For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, Dr. Mandarino’s Grant City office may be reached at 718-667-2190.

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