Dr. Mandarino treating a professional Athlete

A Brief Overview of What We Do

Dr. Frank Mandarino specializes in locating, analyzing, and removing pain. Dr. Mandarino uses a combination of techniques, that are right for you and your medical condition.  With chiropractic treatments including spinal adjustment, massage therapy, and pilates exercises below. He also provides treatment for conditions causing neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder and leg pain.

Throughout your treatment, we’ll check for neuromuscular conditions, look for potential root causes of your pain, including lower and upper back pain.  We’ll show you how to maintain good health and proper body balance to ease your symptoms, prescribe massage and therapy where needed, and develop a comprehensive chiropractic treatment program that fits your needs.
Our Areas of Expertise
We specialize in treating the following areas:

  •      Car accident / Personal Injury / Workers Comp
  •      Sports Injury / Chronic Pain / Family Care
  •      Failed Back Surgery / Pain Management
  •      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Whiplash
  •      Lower Back Due to Pregnancy  / Slipped Disc
  •      Frozen Shoulder Syndrome / Sciatica
  •      Hip Pain / Fibromyalgia / Sprains / Strains
  •      Massage Therapy / Pilates
  •      Slip & Fall / Auto Accidents / Hurt on the Job
  •      Experts in Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy
  •      All Areas of Chiropractic Medicine
  •      Neck, Spine, Back, Shoulder, Leg, Joints, Muscles